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ALL OF THE ABOVE [20 Apr 2006|07:07pm]

Big City Rock is touring all over the place.
Check out the tour dates below, maybe they're coming to a city near you.


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with The Click FiveCollapse )
with Jason MrazCollapse )
with Big JapanCollapse )
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www.bigcityrock.net [09 Jan 2006|06:41pm]

Big City Rock

Their first tour dates of 2006.
See them BEFORE the album comes out!!

One week with The Click Five
January 14-22


One week with Pray For The Soul Of Betty
January 24-31


Madison, WI - February 2
Los Angeles, CA - February 9

Check out the tour datesCollapse )

Visit www.bigcityrock.net for more information.
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DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT? [28 Sep 2005|06:01pm]

Big City Rock is coming to a city near you.
They're on tour supporting Gratitude accross the U.S.
Don't miss it!

Check them out on MySpace.

Tour DatesCollapse )

Tickets are on sale now.
For more information, please visit www.bigcityrock.net.
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[04 May 2005|03:39pm]

The Waking Hours

Catch us this Friday, May 6th for a HUGE show!

The Knitting Factory (Hollywood)
Kiss or Kill Club compilation CD release party
Special Guest on bass: our buddy Tim Resudek from Big City Rock!

Cover charge of only $5 INCLUDES the CD (and our song "Someday Soon")!
14 bands in the main room and front room - alternating sets
Doors at 7PM
All ages!!!
Drink specials all night!
Also performing: Underwater City People, Midway, The Knives, Bang Sugar Bang, Silver Needle, The Letter Openers, Chromosome Tea, The OAOT's, The Rainman Suite, The Randies, Billion Stars, Bobot Adrenaline, The King Cheetah

COME EARLY for doors at 7PM (first band starts at 8PM) - they have gift bags with cool schwag for the first 200 people!!
THIS SHOW WILL REACH CAPACITY, so we suggest you get there as early as you can - probably when the music starts at 8PM. We don't know our set time yet, but all bands are great. More info at: www.kissorkillclub.com


Next up: Friday, May 13th at The Troubadour!!
This is an AWESOME bill:
we're playing with Waking Ashland and Jack's Mannequin
For those of you who don't know, Jack's Mannequin is the new band/side-project for Andrew McMahon, the lead singer/pianist of Something Corporate.

Jack's Mannequin is an AWESOME new live band and friends of ours. Andrew - as you know - is a great singer and piano-player. If you like Something Corporate, you will not be disappointed. If you don't like them, you will still love this rock band. DO NOT MISS THIS: advance tickets are for sale at www.troubadour.com

The Waking Hours
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january shows! [12 Jan 2005|02:09pm]

hey everyone!

just a reminder of the upcoming Waking Hours shows coming up this month! Be sure to make a date to see them! You will get a chance to meet the new addition to the band, Sean (drummer)

Jan. 13 - Spaceland; 21+; w/ Willy Wisely and All Hours
Jan. 14 - @ Good Microbrew (acoustic set with Tom and Ricky)
Jan. 15 - @ Westwood Brewing Co. (near UCLA); 21+, with the Dollyrots and Bang Sugar Bang
Jan. 21 - Old Towne Pub Pasadena; w/ OAOT's, Bang Sugar Bang, and more! 21+

Please be sure to check out http://www.wakinghours.com for detailed information!
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this Tuesday! [21 Nov 2004|01:39pm]

We've been waiting 3 months to do another big all-ages show and it's finally upon us - NEXT TUESDAY! It's our pre-Thanksgiving bash and man do we have a killer bill in store for you, one that Indie 103.1 is helping to promote. Please come out in force to help us sell out the Troub again. We're co-headlining with The High Speed Scene - no doubt you Cali peeps have heard their song "For The Kids" ["F the biz, it's for the kids" - remember now?] a ton on Indie 103.1. But the whole freakin' bill is very, very exciting from start to finish. Be smart and get there at 7PM when doors open to get a good spot for the night. We start with Mike "the man" Moonves from Royal Orange doing a very special and very rare acoustic/solo set. Then it's our young friends The Naturals struttin' their stuff. Next up - The Outline! They're back (they've been spending some time in San Diego of late.. and recording their new EP). Then it's us to rock your face off and then The High Speed Scene to do the same. We might have a brand new rockin' song for ya too.

It's only $8!!! But go to www.wakinghours.com to print up flyers that get you in for just $6. WOAH! Holiday sale! Really, please go there and print flyers (4 to a page). Pass 'em out to your friends or to strangers who haven't seen anyone bite strings off a guitar in a long time. Also make sure to spread the word on myspace.com.... You are our army, our supporters, our people, our friends and the reason we do this... and have fun doing it!

Tuesday, Nov. 23rd
Indie 103.1 Presents
Live at:
The Troubadour
(West Hollywood, CA)
All ages
Also playing:
- The High Speed Scene
- The Outline
- The Naturals
- Mike Moonves

-The Waking Hours
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Heartbeat video. [25 Jun 2004|06:05pm]

Ah! I love the video. So much. What about you guys?
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Introduction & Icon. [19 Jun 2004|07:34pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Hi. I'm Mariel. I like The Waking Hours. I live in Orange County. I don't like Orange County. I'm fun (I hope), and I like to make Livejournal Icons. Like this one...


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WHOA! [17 May 2004|02:19pm]

[ mood | shocked ]

i didnt know there was a community about them! i used to chill with them when they were back in Richmond. i was friends with the girl who dated the singer, and mike mccormack went to my highschool. it's so weird! i havent heard from them since they went to LA, but i guess they're doing alright for themselves. i used to work with their old record label BOB records aka All Good Managment. i just think it's crazy that these guys have their own lj community!!

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[13 May 2004|03:03pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hey all - I made a waking hours live journal icon today, and anybody is free to use it.







1) Comment if you want to use it

2) Please credit me in the keywords.




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CALL IN!!! [13 May 2004|09:01am]

Calling all troops!!!

Guess what! The Waking Hours got their first spin on the new and growing Indie 103.1 FM station here in Los Angeles! This is erlaly great because this station is totally catching on like wildfire. "Revenge" was played on last weeks Local Music show called CHECK ONE...TWO hosted by Mark Sovel. Here is May 9th's playlist:


And it is so great to have them on with our friends from The Like and Everybody Else!

Now what we want you to do is start calling in and emailing in requests!!! This is a great opportunity to let them know that we demand more Waking Hours music played on the airwaves.

Here are some contact info:

Mark Sovel: marksovel@indie1031.fm
Request Line: (877) 4-LA1031
Email Requests: request@indie1031.fm

and if you really feel you need to write in a letter:

Indie 103/Entravision
5700 Wilshire Blvd #250
Los Angeles, Ca. 90036

So there you go folks! Start requesting like crazy! Maybe even say how you have seen them LIVE and love them...plug in the next show at the Viper Room on May 19th which they can possibly plug in on-air.

We wanna get TWH played not only on the Local Music show but seep into the other playlists.

Thanks in advance for all your help! And don't forget to check out http://www.wakinghours.com for info on the May 19th show at the Viper Room.
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Just a gentle friendly reminder that The Waking Hours are playing at the Troubadour in Los Angeles this Thursday April 22 with The Naturals, Clear Static, Poets and Pornographers
and William Tell (from Something Corporate)

Download and print out a flyer from the site http://www.wakinghours.com to get in for a discounted price of $6! Doors are at 7PM so be there or be square!

Ricky is back so be sure to run up to him and ask him how kick ass it must've been to go on tour with the Vines and Jet!

Also, The Waking Hours are playing a show the next day April 23rd at Tremor's in
Riverside, CA with Buckfastsuperbee
Shine Box


WH play at 11pm

For more info and to check up the upcoming shows we have planned check out the site http://www.wakinghours.com and we'll see u at the shows!

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Flyers are up! [08 Apr 2004|10:23am]

Hey everyone!

Tom has just posted some $6 discount flyers on the site ( http://www.wakinghours.com ). There are 3 flyers to a page. You HAVE to check them out and download/print some because they are super hot! It is a new picture of Tom, Ricky, and Lisa from the last photoshoot. Way too hot to handle! Makes you want to see the real things! So get them NOW!!! And spread the good word with them...

Again, the show is April 22nd (a Thursday) at the Troubadour.

Line up is as follows!!
7PM doors then major label band Clear Static,
William Tell (of Something Corporate),
The Naturals, The Waking Hours,
followed by Poets & Pornstars.

This is a night of great music! We kid you not!

We won't let anyone in unless you have a friend with you! Ok, that may be a little lie....but bring a friend or two because we promise you guys nothing but good times! Only $6! What a bargain for a whole lotta good music!

rock and roll!!

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Owsley - Internet Radio Interview [07 Apr 2004|07:48pm]

hey, i figured i'd invite all of you to listen to an interview we'll be doing this friday, april 9th, with owsley. the show is called JENNY EATS SOMETHING and it's on from 5-7pm (eastern standard time). when the time comes, stream it from http://orgs.salisbury.edu/wsur/wsur24/streamingaudio.html. make sure to listen, as it will be one of a kind, and our amount of allowable listeners maxes out fast. if you like the show, add "jenny eats something" to your interests. enjoy.
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heads up! [06 Apr 2004|10:40am]

Hey everyone!

Just a little heads up...The Waking Hours will be playing a show on Thursday April 22 at the Troubadour with The Stereo, The Naturals, Clear Static, and William Tell (of Something Corporate) - more details soon! So mark your calendars! We'll keep you posted! In the meantime keep checking back at the band site http://www.wakinghours.com for cool things

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what is up yo? [22 Jan 2004|08:59pm]

[ mood | awake ]

fo shizzle.i really think that the waking hours should come to the bay area!or even better,play at my high school!


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[15 Jan 2004|09:46am]

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[09 Jan 2004|02:58pm]

Hey all, I met Ricky on wednesday. Sweetest guy ever! Okay, just wanted to say that hahaha.

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the fictions [09 Jan 2004|01:47am]

hey waking hours fans, check out the fictions! these local pop geniuses have got a show with the waking hours at koo's on january 23rd so be sure to come early to check them out! i'm sure this won't be the last time they combine forces either. you can listen to some songs on their high-tech website too! and if you like what you hear/see join happierthanyou, the official fictions livejournal headquarters.
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Phantom Planet - New Album [02 Jan 2004|10:05pm]

The self-titled album due out Jan. 6th has already been found in a few stores. Target, Best Buy, etc. Go look for it.
It's definitely worth a listen!
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