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this Tuesday!

We've been waiting 3 months to do another big all-ages show and it's finally upon us - NEXT TUESDAY! It's our pre-Thanksgiving bash and man do we have a killer bill in store for you, one that Indie 103.1 is helping to promote. Please come out in force to help us sell out the Troub again. We're co-headlining with The High Speed Scene - no doubt you Cali peeps have heard their song "For The Kids" ["F the biz, it's for the kids" - remember now?] a ton on Indie 103.1. But the whole freakin' bill is very, very exciting from start to finish. Be smart and get there at 7PM when doors open to get a good spot for the night. We start with Mike "the man" Moonves from Royal Orange doing a very special and very rare acoustic/solo set. Then it's our young friends The Naturals struttin' their stuff. Next up - The Outline! They're back (they've been spending some time in San Diego of late.. and recording their new EP). Then it's us to rock your face off and then The High Speed Scene to do the same. We might have a brand new rockin' song for ya too.

It's only $8!!! But go to to print up flyers that get you in for just $6. WOAH! Holiday sale! Really, please go there and print flyers (4 to a page). Pass 'em out to your friends or to strangers who haven't seen anyone bite strings off a guitar in a long time. Also make sure to spread the word on You are our army, our supporters, our people, our friends and the reason we do this... and have fun doing it!

Tuesday, Nov. 23rd
Indie 103.1 Presents
Live at:
The Troubadour
(West Hollywood, CA)
All ages
Also playing:
- The High Speed Scene
- The Outline
- The Naturals
- Mike Moonves

-The Waking Hours
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